Drive and Discover

Cross a river by ferry, see major Civil War battle sites, bird watch, canoe, fish, visit the ranch of renowned country singer Loretta Lynn, and see the impact of the Tennessee Valley Authority. The Tennessee River Trail Scenic Byway offers the above, and more, as it meanders for over 600 miles through picturesque countryside and small, hometown America. Whether you’re a history buff, an environmentalist, or an outdoor recreation enthusiast, the Byway has something for you!

About The Trail

TRTA Mission: Develop a River Trail System which will enhance recreation and tourism in the middle and west Tennessee counties bordering the Tennessee River.

The Tennessee River Trails cover nine Tennessee counties, four development districts and tourism councils nestled along the beautiful Tennessee River.

The Tennessee River Trails Association (TRTA) is focused on economic and community development. It is the belief that the TRTA can bring increased economic development to the region by expanding tourism and recreation opportunities.